Agriturismo between Tuscany, Umbria and Latium, in the heart of central Italy two step far from Orvieto and Bolsena's lake.

What to do
During your stay, occasions will not lack in order to discover small medieval villages and ancient handicraft activities or to partecipate to the many festivals of the towns that are carried out during the year.
We would like above all, together with you, to seek out the "old treasures" of the peasant kitchen where they are still jealously hidden to the bunch, ancient recipes, foods and wines that thank to their typicity and rarity they represent some niches of high quality.

Our weekly appointments.

Visit for cheese tasting in a small handicraft cheese factory near the agriturismo.

Appointment with Mirella for demonstration of hand made pasta in the common hall of the agriturismo.

Wine tasting near one wine cellar in the nearbies of the agriturismo.

Our annual appointments.

Feast of Corpus Domini (two Sundays after Pentecost).

Participation to the "infiorate" of Bolsena


Rituals for the Night of Mid-Summer (23 june).
T he short night of the year, it is the night where big fires are ignited and the wild grass are collected in order to prepare "the water of Saint Giovanni".

Festivity of Ferragosto (15 August). Traditional appointment with the italian kitchen. In this day you'll eat the "Porchetta" cooked in the firewood furnace of the agriturismo and dance to the sound of the fisarmonica.

In October we organiz days dedicated to the collection
of mushrooms in the wood of our property.

We also organize cooking and italian language courses

People addicted to Jogging or who love to have long walks in direct contact with nature, we have realized a route of approximately 4 km long all inside to the property of the agriturismo and an another route in order to catch up the near spring of the Tione.

For the young ones we can organize visits to the breedings of animals in the nearby of the agriturismo. It is possible to attend to the agricultural activities the jobs in the biological garden, the collection of the grape and the olives.




Agriturismo Valle del Tione - Località Canonica - Orvieto - Terni - Umbria - Italia
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