Agriturismo between Tuscany, Umbria and Latium, in the heart of central Italy two step far from Orvieto and Bolsena's lake.

The Wood

The wood, six hectares wide, is one of the most ancient and well preserved in Umbria.

The great part of forest trees are over 30 years old and the sessile oak, the turkey oak and the cherry trees are the three most important species in the wood.

The wood, which il wholly inside the farm, has been a closed property since 1995.

The enclosure was due to safeguard the underwood from the continuous trampling, which damaged the rich flora, and from the indiscriminate mushrooms collecting.

There is a big variety of mushrooms, but the most common are the russulas, the honey mushroom, the amanitas, the chanterelles and mostly the edible boletus (PORCINO).



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