Agriturismo between Tuscany, Umbria and Latium, in the heart of central Italy two step far from Orvieto and Bolsena's lake.

The Farm


Halfway between three regions, in the middle of the hills of Tuscany, Latium and Umbria. Among the splendid city of Orvieto and the picturesque Lake of Bolsena.Within a protected area of 900 hectares called “Renara” and closed to hunting for more than 30 years.In the immediate neighbourhood flow the springs of mineral water Tione (hence the name of the agriturismo).

Probably the land where the farm currently resides, began to be exploited and inhabited at the beginning of 1700. Numerous traces of the distant past were impressed in this landscape of oak trees and secular chestnut, old streets-farms and ancient buildings such as caves to shelter sheep, stables for pigs and a portion of the house, where currently are placed 3 of the 5 flats of the agriturismo: Torretta, Orciolaio and Stradone.


Soils were enriched with organic substances such as manure and grass cultures. We cultivated our fields spacing out the productions and using seeds suited to the climate and terrain. Many were also the fruit plants of different species in order to have fresh fruit all year round.The products were mainly cereals: wheat, barley, sunflowers, corn and grapes, produced in three small vineyards that gave a slight but good wine.
The fodder and other products were intended mainly in order to support our cattle breeding of the valuable race “Chianina”.

During the 50’s the “progress” came in the fields and with him many ancient knowledge and cultivation techniques, traditions, taste and eating habits, were set aside, almost forgotten remained only in the memory of some old farmer.


The farm “Valle del Tione” is approximately 47 hectares wide, destined mostly for growing walnuts (7,000 plants), fodder and fruit plants. In October is possible to collect mushrooms from the wood. A small portion of the property is located on the territory of Bolsena, where we cultivate olive trees and vines.

Hyla Arborea

In 1985, it was decided to abandon the intensive crops and the usage of synthetic pesticides and fertilizers, with the primary objective to promote the improvement and preservation of chemical fertility, physical and biological of the soil and restore the natural environments useful to ecological balance such as hedges, ditches, ponds or groves.
After 20 years, the first goal has been reached so that the important environmental indicators are returned to repopulate the area. Among the many we remind the Geppio and the Raganella (Hyla arborea).

In addition to farming, a valuable economic resource for the farm is the Agriturismo that we finished to renovate him in 2004 and is becoming year after year an important reality to which we devote a strong commitment so that we can offer an accommodation of good level constantly pointing to the quantity and quality of services.

Pera Monteleone


We are currently working on the areas adjacent to the structure such as the courtyard, the old stables for the pigs in order to recreate a typical farmer environment before the '50s. With the help of the last direct witnesses of this rural culture of the past as Angelo and Giovanni, guardians of experience and wisdom, we have introduced many ancient fruit plants such as Visciole, rose apple, Crognolino cherry and aromatic grapes as muscat grape, strawberry grape and Aleatico.

Angelo and Giovanni




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